Coast-to-coast: San Francisco to Savannah (Part 1)

This morning, we set off on our coast-to-coast journey! My plan is for us to be on the road for most, if not all,...

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March 20, 2024

Last weekend, I made my way to the California Delta. The rivers and streams were vibrant and the land looked so lush. It also...

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Six weeks along China’s waterways

Last year, I spent six weeks backpacking across China. I explored waterways both far in China’s interior and near its coastline. My journey enabled...

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The San Diego Union-Tribune – I was stunned and awed by my Baja motorcycle trip

Last March, on my 38th birthday, I was laid off from work. I wish I felt bitter. I wish I was angry that I was...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 39)

For my final post, I had hoped to share an amazing story about my last meal. Unfortunately, in my haste to make it to...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 38)

I arrived in Beijing in the evening, and it was blistering hot, nearly 100°F (36°C). When I left the metro, I worried that I’d...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 37)

For my last night in Suzhou, I enjoyed a live pingtan performance. Originating in Suzhou and often performed in the Suzhou dialect, it originated...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 36)

In the morning, I visited Shantang Street, sometimes referred to as the "First Street in Suzhou." It was constructed in the 9th century during...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 35)

The weather in Suzhou has been so lovely lately. I kid. Although, I can’t really complain. I haven’t experienced any intense rainfall since arriving...

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Mandarin Immersion (Part 34)

For my last major stop in China, I'll be spending time in Suzhou. It was founded in the 6th century BC and is among...

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