May 18, 2024

By Simon J. Lau

Jean left for China last night, so it’s just the boys and me for the next two weeks (boys being the two dogs). To kick off a boys’ weekend right, I fed the ingredients of my favorite cocktail I had on my coast-to-coast trip (the Riptide) into ChatGPT 4o and had it spit out a recipe.

Clearly, the drink wasn’t as good as the one I had in Charleston. However, it was maybe 75% there! Not bad for a drink that doesn’t have a standard recipe and that I only had the ingredients for. I’ll continue to work on perfecting it, albeit I have serious doubts it’ll ever get it to 100%.

Later in the evening, I had pho in the Tenderloin. (Whenever I’m in the TL, I’m reminded of the Dave Chappelle episode where he describes the Tenderloin as “there’s nothing tender about it.” Nothing more true has ever been said of the TL.) It was just me and another group, a guy and his friend. The guy starts telling a story about work (he may work at a homeless nonprofit) and he describes this instance when “[his] coworker comes up to [him], says that there are people having sex in the commons.” However, the coworker can’t stop it because the sex is so “passionate.” He’s like, “Dude, I haven’t slept in three days. Please stop them.” 🌝

If this is Day 1 without Jean, I’m starting to wondering what Day 14 will look like.

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